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Laura Hoff was called to serve as Kindergarten teacher at Calvary Early Learning Center in 2007. Prior to that she taught for 21 years in 3 different Lutheran schools. Mrs. Hoff loves teaching the Kindergarteners for many reasons. The small class size at CELC gives her an opportunity to give individualized instruction to the students. Mrs. Hoff is very excited about being able to provide the foundation for new readers. It is a wonderful time when children recognize their first words and then begin to sound them out on their own. Her all-time favorite reason for teaching and enjoying Kindergarten is being able to teach about Jesus and praying with the children each day. Their child-like faith helps to strengthen her own. 


Lori Rockwell teaches the Three Year Old and Pre-K classes. She began teaching at Calvary Early Learning Center in the fall of 2016, but has been teaching for more than 25 years in Lutheran schools. She has experience teaching children from 3 year old through 3rd grade. She is an advocate of Lutheran schools and feels it is beneficial to educate children in body, mind and soul. Helping students build a strong foundation in their early years is very important, but helping them to know who Jesus is and His love for them is the most important thing for children to learn. God has created each child to be unique and special, and helping children to discover and develop their skills, talents, and gifts is her passion. She loves to see children learning, singing, engaging, creating, praying, building friendships, laughing, and having fun. It's who we are.


Megan Snider joined the staff of CELC as an aide in the spring of 2016.  She was a member of the CELC school board for several years, including serving a term as president, before joining the staff.  Megan’s passion for sharing God’s love with little ones compelled her to make the jump into a formal teaching role.  She has also enjoyed teaching Sunday School to preschool and elementary school children for more than a decade.  Prior to teaching, Megan was a Corporate and Government Public Relations consultant.  Megan has a bachelor’s degree in English Writing, with a Creative Writing Emphasis from the University of Pittsburgh.

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The mission of Calvary Early Learning Center is to share God's grace through the education and enrichment of young children. Our guiding educational philosophy is that every child is a gift from God, full of potential and ready to be nurtured in mind, body, and spirit.


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