2018-4-15  Theme – “Why Do You Doubt?” John 20:19-31

Join Pastor David L. Weeks as he discusses why we need to seek proof in this world. We would be kidding ourselves if we said we do not need proof for most everything we hear. It is natural to the way we think and the way we were designed. With this fact in mind, we should not be so quick to put Thomas down or criticize him and his lack of faith based on his demand for proof. Many of us would have been right there with him since we too, want to see. We want to touch. We want to experience it first hand, not through the statements from others. Now we obviously know that we are living many generations and years following the actual resurrection. The reality of the resurrection story lives through us and our witness. It is truly a blessing to have Jesus living in us --- knowing that seeing him physically is impossible and not necessary. We are truly blessed without seeing which makes our faith even more powerful. Blessed are those who have not seen and yet believe.

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