2018-4-8 Theme – “Good News for ALL People” Luke 24:36-49

Join Pastor David L. Weeks as he discusses the "Good News for ALL People".

Most of us have the news at our fingertips now with cell phones tucked in our pockets and purses. Also, you can be watching a TV program, and breaking news will interrupt your favorite show in an instance if it is real BIG news. We even have a new term that is referred to often— “fake news”—that news which may or may not be true. You don’t have to wait for the newspaper or even turn on the TV. We can learn what is happening in the world in a few seconds. Some news is for some people, depending on what it is. Today’s Gospel reminds us that there is Good News for ALL people that transcends geographical, racial, ethnic, gendered, and socio-economic boundaries. It is not fake news and it is not sad or bad news. It is the greatest and most important news one can ever hear. The Good News of Jesus Christ and his saving power is to be proclaimed to all nations. We are God’s messengers and we are to share it with conviction and joy.

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