Theme – “New Life” (Easter) Luke 24:1-12

Join Pastor David L. Weeks as he discusses how after the Lord’s death, some women headed to the tomb expecting to find the body of Jesus. To their shock, the Lord was not there! Two angels proclaimed, “He is risen!” and reminded the women of Jesus’ own words. Remembering, the women shared the Good News with the eleven disciples who did not believe, except Peter. Peter ran to the tomb, found only strips of linen, and left in wonder. As we celebrate Easter Sunday, let us be like Peter running to see the miracle of the Lord. Let us be in wonder of His awesome plan to create new life through Christ’s death and resurrection.

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Saturday   5:30PM   Contemporary/Casual Service

Sunday     8:30AM   Traditional Service

Sunday     9:45AM    Sunday School

Sunday   11:00AM   Praise Service

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