“Diet Church”

May I take your order? Yes, I will have 2 double burgers, large fries, a cherry turn over, and…a diet soda. For a $1.50 more we can supersize your order. Sure, why not?

There it is. I have just ordered 1,680 calories of fat, sodium and sugar that is absolutely no good for me, but the diet beverage makes me think I have made that meal into something it is not. Believe me, I will feel good about eating that meal of mouth watering, greasy goodness until my doc tells me otherwise. What a great world this is.

High speed internet. Immediate access to information. GPS so we do not take the long way. Fast track career advancement. High paying jobs right out of the academic box. The list goes on. I need my life quick, complete, accurate, and beneficial to me.

Oh yes, give me spiritual nourishment no longer than one hour per week and make sure you keep the sermon under 17 minutes. I’ve got other things to do.

May I take your order? Yes, I will have a full dose of the world, flesh, sin, and the devil, including: relationship challenges, job emergencies, health crises, and emotional turmoil. We are supersizing life to get the most out of it. But are we? Meanwhile, we place a side order of diet church just to cover our bases. Is that ok? Spiritual satisfaction in 17 minutes? Sure, why not?

Diet church. What a concept. Is it realistic to think we can walk into a building with a cross, listen to a snippet of Scripture once a week and expect to fill our tanks with a few drops of the Lord’s Word? Diet church says: give us spiritual nourishment in the shortest amount of time possible to help us cope with an increasingly demanding world that drains us.

Ah yes – Diet Church… it leads to spiritual anorexia and it is deadly.

Now let’s get real. Our Lord Jesus has forgiven us our sins, renewed our relationship with Him, and set us on a course of living and serving for Him. This takes spiritual food that fuels our life in Christ through the Holy Spirit.

May I take your order? Yes, I will have the spiritual full meal deal, of course! That comes already supersized with the death and resurrection of Jesus empowered by the Holy Spirit free today and always. Can you please tell me what that includes?

> Daily emersion into God’s Word. Personally, and with other Christians.

> Daily Prayer

> Frequent reception of the Lord’s Supper.

> Interaction with other Christians.

> Weekly Worship and Praise

> Service

> Family time with the Lord.

> Daily reminders of forgiveness through the cross of Christ.

> Daily reminders of eternal life through the empty tomb.

That sounds wonderful! I’ll take a heaping helping!

We cannot live the abundant life on diet church. We cannot grow in our faith, hope, and trust in the Lord Jesus while spiritually starving. As we are renewed in Christ, we are created anew to live for Him, in Him, and through Him. We are called to a lavish life in Christ, which is full in grace and mercy.

Diet Church? It will not help you and will leave you hungering for more.

Join Me in Filling Up with A Life In Christ –

Pastor Dave

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