As the oldest, I was the first to do many things, including date. Homecoming, Valentine’s Day, dances, movies, Prom, and the like required me to get dressed up. My mom and dad made a big fuss over me to make sure I wore nice clothes and looked good. It was also important to me to make a good impression on my date and her parents. In those days, it was all about getting to know someone better, enjoying their company, and having a good time. Sometimes I would double or triple date with my two best friends and that was even more fun. The first time I was stood up (yes, this happened more than once), the realization hit me that I was all dressed up with no place to go. Although not a positive experience, it was a time of learning.

Calvary’s new outside face has again given me thoughts about image, presentation, and getting dressed up. Just as I wanted my date to know by my appearance that I cared about how I presented myself, it is vital that our community knows Calvary cares about its presentation. How we look on the outside does make an impression on the world around us. How we care for God’s House is important and the updates that are being made reflect our desire for safety and longevity, as well as create a pleasing, functioning atmosphere for worshippers and guests.

However, we dare not lose sight of the larger purpose or we could get stood up. How many churches have been dressed up only to be left with no place to go? The Lord has a way of allowing that to happen to churches who lose sight of why they exist. I firmly believe we are right on track with our vision and purpose and, with all that has been decided, updated, and planned, we cannot afford to lose sight of why Calvary is here on this corner at this time in our community. If we do, recovery will most certainly be impossible.

I am excited about our new all dressed up look. Let’s make sure we also remain true to our vision and purpose.  Then our plans, ministries, staffing, weekly studies, weekend worship opportunities, and our presentation to the community will all work to achieve our purpose – to connect people to the love of Jesus.  It is up to us to continue improving on the inside as well, as we develop and strengthen our faith and relationships. This is all for the purpose of going back out into our communities to connect people to the love of Jesus.

The purpose, vision, work, and place are all exciting. We serve together knowing that our existence in the Lord has eternal consequences.


To serve Jesus in order to rescue others. (From where or whatever situation matters not) To humbly and exhaustively serve and obey our living Lord and Savior, for the exclusive purpose of rescuing others with the love and hope of Jesus, one soul at a time.

CALVARY'S MISSION PURPOSE - “Connecting People to The Love of Jesus”

In His Love, Mercy, and Peace

Pastor Dave

Worship Times

Sunday     8:30AM   Traditional Service

Sunday   11:00AM   Praise Service

Monday    6:30PM   Contemporary Service