All too often the hype, glitz, and glitter surrounding a personality causes people to follow without understanding. Fads, groupies, trends of the moment, and immediate popularity, give way to a mindless euphoric following that has a very limited shelf life and is rarely long-term satisfying.

Following a Star requires information.

Some Biblical examples might include –

  • The Shepherds: Clueless shepherds were doing their jobs tending sheep in the pasture. They saw the star but had no idea what it meant. Sleepily they hung out with their flocks until the Lord chose to interrupt their moment with the voices of singing angels. Those angels proclaimed the Good News that gave enough information to follow to where The Star would be found. No hype or guesswork. They knew because the angels gave them information.
  • The Wise Men: Scholars from a far-off land who did not know of the God of Israel except through the written material miraculously preserved from of old, discover prophecies about the Messiah, learn where this Anointed One will be born, and set off on approximately a year long journey following a star that will lead them to The Star. They received information from the written Word that would answer their scholarly questions.

The information given to people today regarding Jesus is over the top with guidance, direction, purpose, peace, and power. This information, God’s Word, is available to all without exception. It can lead to eternal life. It calls us to repent. The Good News of forgiveness in Jesus is proclaimed. This is all for the purpose of empowering us to follow The Star – Jesus Christ the Lord.

We possess the information and the Lord has the power to use that information to come to Him.

Leaving the old behind (2018) and moving into the New (2019) requires that we seek, like the Wise Men, The Star – Jesus our Lord. Our spiritual lives must be a priority. Worship, study of His Word, fellowship, service, reception of communion, and our connection to Jesus’ love are all segments of that journey in following the Lord. He graciously gives us the information we need along the way. That information is for the young, the elderly, and in-between.

Turn the New Year into a life changing season in your life where the Lord is central, wisdom is sought, and information is gathered and assimilated to live a God-pleasing life.


To serve Jesus in order to rescue others. (From where or whatever situation matters not) humbly and exhaustively serving and obeying our living Lord and Savior, for the exclusive purpose of rescuing others with the love and hope of Jesus, one soul at a time.

Serving with you in a MISSION PURPOSE - “Connecting People to The Love of Jesus”

Pastor Dave

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