“Doing Things Right or Doing the Right Things?”
Do you remember a time when you needed a shower so badly that you would get out of your clothing as fast as you could so as to get into the shower? Pants and shirts and socks are all inside out. Shoes kicked off in different directions. Maybe buttons were ripped off. Because of how dirty and sweaty you were, you could not get into that shower and clean up fast enough!

“Render your hearts and not your clothes.”

When faced with sin, blasphemy, transgression, and shame the religious leaders would practice doing things right and literally tear their clothing. This was to outwardly show just how offended they were at the person or situation.

The season of Lent is about doing the right things. Tear up your heart (actually your guts) because you are already a mess and your inner being is broken before the Lord due to sin, shame, and transgression. We are already on the slippery slope. We already are heretics, heathens, and hooligans before God.

God’s Word, like that two-edged sword, just tells us to do the right thing. Repent, confess your sins, just spill your guts in sorrow for sin.

That’s Lent! That spiritual growth! That’s real!

The heart and soul of the Pharisee was about doing things right. Tearing clothing at offense was an outward sign. Jesus would say that this generation honors God with their lips but their hearts are far from Him. Sounds like spiritual heart disease to me. Praying and fasting so everyone could see. Posturing in proper fashion. Equating the traditions of men with the very essence of God’s Holy Word. It all falls right into place. Let’s tear our clothing and show how upset we are.

There is a huge difference in doing things right and doing the right things. You know it. You feel it. You sense it. Lent is visceral. It is real. It gets us in the guts. Repent and believe the Good News!

Read again the last words of Jesus. They come from the very guts of God.

Anytime the Lord is going to do a great thing in the lives of His people, He calls them to do the right things. Repent, forgive, believe in the Good News, and hope in the One who sacrificed for us all – Jesus Christ The Lord!

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