+ Can I receive communion as a visitor?

             Yes you can if you....
   > believe that Jesus is your Savior.
   > acknowledge your sins.
   > believe that is this sacrament you receive the true body
       and blood of Jesus in, with, and under the bread and wine.
   > believe that in this sacrament the Lord gives and assures you
       of forgiveness of sins, eternal life, and strengthens your faith.
   > are baptized and agree with these statements.
+ What are Calvary's worship services like?
     > Our Sunday morning 8:30 AM service is traditionally formal using a liturgical
      format, organ music, and vestments. Holy Communion is celebrated the 1st,
      3rd, and 5th Sunday each month
   > Our Sunday morning 11:00 AM service is Praise/Contemporary oriented using 
      song leaders, piano, and lay participants. Holy Communion is celebrated the 2nd,
      4th, and 5th Sunday each month.
 > Our Monday evening 6:30 PM service is an intimate, informal, casual type
      of contemporary gathering with piano accompaniment, song leaders, and
      emphasis of God's Word. Holy Communion is celebratedthe 2nd,
      4th, and 5th Monday evening each month.
    > Our midweek Wednesday evening 7:00 PM meditation times during Lent and Advent
      feature longer focus on God's Word with attention toward specific and changing topics.
+ Why does Calvary promote praying for others?
   > We firmly believe that casting our cares, concerns, and needs upon the Lord Jesus helps
      us focus on the Healer and the One who can and does, not only hear our requests, answer
      according to His will and our good and the good of those for whom we pray. 
+ What's the big deal about "by grace alone, faith alone, God's Word alone"?
   > We know that we are by nature alienated from the Lord. We need a remedy for our sins.
      Grace is undeserved love and this comes from the Lord Jesus. His undeserved love for us
      demonstrated on the cross and in the resurrection is the only way we can connect to Him. We
      cannot earn it, be sincere enough, learn enough, or have the best intentions to attain it. It is
      only by grace.
   > We know that we embrace this grace only by faith. Believing, trusting, and hoping in the Lord
      through faith is primary to understanding our relationship to the Lord.
   > We know that there are many sources for religious understanding today. We believe there is
      only one source for the true and trusted understanding for Godly living and salvation in Jesus.
      This source is The Bible - God's Word. Because it is inspired, inerrant, and infallible, it is our
      only source for accurate information about the Lord and His plan for His creation.

Worship Times

Sunday     8:30AM   Traditional Service -   Join us live on BoxCast  

Sunday   11:00AM   Praise Service

Monday    6:30PM   Contemporary Service